Μία δυναμική βάση δεδομένων για τα ξενικά έντομα στην Ελλάδα

The Giant Asian Mantis Hierodula tenuidentata Saussure, 1869 spreads in Italy: a new invasive alien species for the European fauna?(Insecta Mantodea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:R. Battiston, Leandri, F., di Pietro, W., Andria, S.
Journal:Biodiversity Journal
Keywords:alien species, Conservation, distribution, Hierodula, Mantodea

The presence of the Giant Asian Mantis, Hierodula tenuidentata Saussure, 1869 (Insecta Mantodea), is here reported for the first time in Italy. A well settled and probably wide spread population of this species is here described in detail, evaluating the increase in the number of individuals in the recent years and its adaptability to the European continental climate and to anthropized environments. The synonymy of this species with H. transcaucasica Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 is here discussed and some considerations on the potential impacts on the local ecosystems and its future spreading in Europe as an invasive species are here given.

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