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The 100th of the world’s worst invasive alien species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:G. M. Luque, Bellard, C., Bertelsmeier, C., Bonnaud, E., Genovesi, P., Simberloff, D., Courchamp, F.
Journal:Biological Invasions
Keywords:Biologicalinvasions, ISSG, Salvinia molesta

Biological   invasions   are   among   thegreatest threats to global biodiversity, but in contrastto most other global threats, they suffer from specificcommunication  issues.  Our  paper  presents  the  firstnew addition to the widely cited IUCN list of ‘‘100 ofthe  world’s  worst  invasive  species’’,  a  list  created  adecade ago in response to these communication issues.We briefly present this list, the recent removal of onespecies  from that  list,  and  the  rationale  to include  anovel, 100th species to replace it. The new species ofthis list, giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta), was chosenby  the  community  of  invasion  biologists  (over  650experts from over 60 countries). This new addition tothe list will draw public attention to the damage causedby invasive alien species and it will help stimulate thenecessary  discussion  of  this  critical  issue  in  scienceand policy circles.

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