A dynamic database for alien insects in Greece

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Over the past decades, the spread rate of non-native species has gradually increased worldwide, as a result of the globalization of trade and human travel. Alien species of insects represent one of the most abundant groups of introduced organisms in Europe. Most importantly, a great proportion of them are referred to as invasive (IAS) and are associated with substantial economic burden, biodiversity loss and disturbance to ecosystem functioning.

Within this framework, the ongoing project aims to create a dynamic checklist and database of these organisms in Greece, where a large number of non-native insect species is currently present. This database aims to provide information on alien species (e.g. status, distribution, taxonomy, impacts etc.) to the public as well as the scientific community in order to raise awareness and assist the mitigation of their adverse impacts. This website intends to promote public participation in scientific research regarding alien species, encouraging the involvement of citizen scientists through the provision of occurrence records while simultaneously providing them educational material.


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Creator: Alientoma

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