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The African fig fly Zaprionus indianus: a new invasive pest in France?

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:L. Kremmer, David, J. R., Borowiec, N., Thaon, M., Ris, N., Poirié, M., Gatti, J. L.
Journal:Bulletin of Insectology
Keywords:African fig fly, Drosophilidae, France, invasive pest, striped vinegar fly, Zaprionus indianus

We report here the first observation of Zaprionus indianus Gupta in mainland France. Five specimens of both sexes were trapped in a liquid vinegar bait in Cap d’Antibes (French Riviera) and their taxonomic identification was then performed by morphological and molecular analysis. Z. indianus is recognized as a fig pest in the invaded American countries, and it could pose economic problems  in  this  new  location  since  figs  are  also  grown  in  European  Mediterranean  areas.  This  Drosophilid  species  is  on  the EPPO pest quarantine list. Its spread and possible permanent establishment in South France should thus be monitored in the next years to assess possible agricultural damages

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