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On the presence of the alien exotic sap beetle Phenolia (Lasiodites) picta (Macleay, 1825) (Coleoptera Nitidulidae) in Italy

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:S. Surdo, Sparacio, I., Angelo, D.
Journal:Biodiversity Journal
Keywords:alien species, Nitidulidae, Phenolia, Sicily

The exotic sap beetle Phenolia (Lasiodites) picta (W.S. Macleay, 1825) (Coleoptera Nitidul-idae) is an alien species recently recorded in Europe (Spain, France, and Greece), and Turkey. For Italy, only a single record of P. cf. picta is reported from Sicily. In this paper, we studied this specimen confirming the presence of P. picta in Italy.

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